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What is NAD+ and How Does it Work?

NAD+ is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in your body and involves hundreds of metabolic processes. The human body naturally processes NAD, but the body doesn't have an endless supply of NAD+. In fact, it declines with age. The history of NAD+ research, and its recent establishment in the science community, has opened the floodgates for scientists to investigate maintaining NAD+ levels and getting more NAD+.

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  • Benefits

  • Slow the aging process

  • Improve brain health and neurological function

  • Improve brain regeneration

  • Restore muscle function and athletic performance 

  • Improve mental clarity

  • Boost energy levels 

  • Reduce overall fatigue

  • Regenerative

  • NAD+ can also help several mental illnesses, including substance abuse disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also treat Lyme disease due to its ability to aid enzymatic functions. 

Doses Available

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Have Questions?

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